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                    AUTOMATIC BALE OPENER A50
                    AUTOMATIC BALE OPENER A50
                    JET CLEANER MN-60
                    AUTOMA TIC MIXER MA4.MA6.MA8.MA10
                    SUPER CLEANER SC-I SC-II
                    AUTOLEVELLER AL-VI
                    AUTOMATIC CHUTE FEED CF-940
                    CARDING-MACHINE KD-262
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                    ¡¡¡¡YANCHENG KINGDA TEXILE MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. asopts the technology from Taiwan.In1980¡¯s zhe textile industry of Taiwan was wudergoing significant change .The founder of this Corporating took an active part in the reform and design in the innovration of the automation in that change and sfter that he estrblished TAIWAN FINE TEX MACHINERY MANUF A CTRING COMPANY in 1988.In 2002, he set up JIANGYIN BAITIAN MACHINERY MANUFACTURING COMPANY which is specialized in the manufacturing of cleaning fo cleaning and combing units configuration machines.
                    ¡¡¡¡The company has taken root in domestic market with more than 20 years of experience.To provide more service to domestic clients,he set up YANCHENG KINGDA TEXILE MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. in 2006.Covering 200mu,with design workshops of 45000 square meters, YANCHENG KINGDA TEXILE MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD.started production .Boasting advanced processing equipments aswell as special deparments in research and development, machinery designing and manufacturing,engineering design of textile process,electrical automation machinery design, etc., YANCHENG KINGDA TEXILE MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD.Improved the technique of cleaning and combing wnits configuration as well as its quality. Adhering to the principle of ¡°Customer always first¡± and the concept of ¡°Being always honest¡±.
                    ¡¡¡¡We will aiways provide our customers with the most ssfest and the stable products assured by strict management on production. Professional technique an the most efficient serbice. We will work hand in hand with our customers to promote the quality of textile machinery and stride for the ear of high quality.

                    ¡¡Copyright © 2008-2009 YANCHENG KING DA TEXTILE MACHINE MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD All rights reserved.
                    ¡¡ADD£º 68 Panlong big way Panwan£¬Sheyang£¬Yancheng JiangSu.China.TEL£º0515-82755880¡¡FAX£º0515-82755288
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