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                    AUTOMATIC BALE OPENER A50
                    AUTOMATIC BALE OPENER A50
                    JET CLEANER MN-60
                    AUTOMA TIC MIXER MA4.MA6.MA8.MA10
                    SUPER CLEANER SC-I SC-II
                    AUTOLEVELLER AL-VI
                    AUTOMATIC CHUTE FEED CF-940
                    CARDING-MACHINE KD-262
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                    CARDING-MACHINE KD-262

                    ¡öMechanical Features
                    1.Specially designed mechanism,easily maintained,adjusted and dismantled.
                    2.Cotton web conducted by tri-decotton roller via special laddered roller with high speed
                    3.Multi-pointed and comtinious concentrated absorbing structure
                    4.Micro-electronic box and touching display with operations and relavant parameters displayed.
                    5.¦Õ100mm Feeding roller,lever type sliding mechanism,saparate transmission,V-F control
                    accustomed to cotton feeding box wfih distributing equipment appended easilly appended easilly.
                    6.Fixed covers and cotton web cleaners set with 3 ahead and 5ahead and 7 behind improve the
                    cotton web quality effectively
                    7.Pre-distributing plate and adjustable de-dust blade under the spur roller remove sundries
                    8.Reversable cover and doffing roller separate and collect cotton directly with high-speed
                    smashing roller.
                    9.New cylinder and doffer design with high precision.
                    10.Cylinder motor started directly,stedily and smoothly.
                    11.Dofer independent v-f transmission with synchronized arc belt brings firm and silent
                    transmission for each running part.
                    12.The steel structure desgned as frame-box type with high rigidity and steady quality.
                    13.Speed inspecting apparatus plotted in many places monitor the status of rotating part
                    respectively and time to ensure prodct quality.

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