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                    AUTOMATIC BALE OPENER A50
                    AUTOMATIC BALE OPENER A50
                    JET CLEANER MN-60
                    AUTOMA TIC MIXER MA4.MA6.MA8.MA10
                    SUPER CLEANER SC-I SC-II
                    AUTOLEVELLER AL-VI
                    AUTOMATIC CHUTE FEED CF-940
                    CARDING-MACHINE KD-262
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                    SUPER CLEANER SC-I SC-II

                    The cleaner sc-1,with a coarse fully-spiked roll is the first cleaner in the low grade cotton
                    line where the material is beaten whilst it is gripped.As well as the removal of coarse and medium-sized trash particles,it opens up the cotton to a high degree.The degree of opening is ideally suitable for feeding to fine cleaner,i.e.the final cleaner in the line.

                    The machines have wide range of application as fine cleaners,The super cleaner sc-lll can be
                    used alone,for a very short compact line for processing cottons with a all kinds cotton.As a fully-spiked roll is used at the first cleaning position,it is alos possible to feed less well opened material.
                    Controlledmaterial flow for optimum opening and maximum cleaning Completely dust free
                    operation due to excellent air separation in the patented amount of waste thanks to adjustable knife grid with fiber guide plates lntense cleaning without damaging fibers sand loosing good fibres.

                    ¡öSUPER CLEANER SC-III
                    The cleaners SC-III in a very gentle way. The cotton passes only through the feed rolls.With
                    conventional cleaning installations,this happens at each cleaning stage.The transfer of fibres from one cleaning roll to the next in the cleaners is carried out very gently.Due to the drafts and the increasinglu fine surfaces,there is no chance of fibre damage.
                    HEIGHT VOTAGE ELECTRIFY DEVICE for fiber transfer to next roller neary 100%.

                    MAX capacity£º600kg/hr
                    Working width£º1200-1600mm
                    Demand quantity£º4200m3/hr-75mmw-c
                    Dust collecting£º3600m3/hr-80mmw-c

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