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                    AUTOMATIC BALE OPENER A50
                    AUTOMATIC BALE OPENER A50
                    JET CLEANER MN-60
                    AUTOMA TIC MIXER MA4.MA6.MA8.MA10
                    SUPER CLEANER SC-I SC-II
                    AUTOLEVELLER AL-VI
                    AUTOMATIC CHUTE FEED CF-940
                    CARDING-MACHINE KD-262
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                    ¡öKD262 high-speed carding machine is a king of high-yield facility with main allocation of blowing-carding technology to realize the ideal of weaving automatization,and is has an independent-controltouch screen,to operate instruction,setting and alarming indication centrally.it is an intelligent machine with conrenient operation.
                    This machine is designed particularly,with steel frame,condenser cutting plate,all-round air-protection welding joint,which is precision£¦specious,thick,steady,and can improve the speed of cotton strip integrated plate can cooperate closely with cylinder,no worry of plate spot,high-quality cylinder is top designed with high precision,no worry of distortion;and wrap feed roller and press roller group with partcular design can be collocated directly with self-adjusted erenness,which makes the weight unevenness controlled under the most ideal state.Reverse carding removable cover cooperates with flxed carding plate(five front seven back)and add the wet purifier(one front two back),which makes the quality of cotton web at top-grade,and entrainment points are distributed centrally to clean up dust,clean adn easy-maintenance,with newdeigned outer cover specious and generous.use the import bearing the quality os very stable.

                    ELECTRIC CONTROL
                    ¡¡¡¡There are one imported PLC and two imported inverters in the electronic control cabinet of card KD262.It controls doffer's speed to make a stepless variable-speed and run it at the rate,with as smooth speed up and down and a good brake performance,it is running steady and reliably,It is up to user if the machine is equipped with an auto-leveller.
                    The imported display screen is erected on safety cover in the leit-front of machine.It can control each motor It can display all date on dynamic technology and take an alarm for all faults and full-can suatus is a importcd programmable controller which operates simply and reliably.

                    The construction of driving cylinder and licker-in by a friction clutch with centrifugal blocks and flat belt is simple and its starting is smooth and stable The doffer is driven by anelectronic frequency converter and toothed belt so as to its speed variation is stepless Feed roller is driven by an electronic frequency converter which permits stepless variations of its speed and is controlled to be synchronized win the doffer driven by thecomputer

                    This web take-off unit which can be visual inspection of the web,it ensures the web delivering in high speed and running very stable.The calendar roller speciallu designed is the function of measuring roller for the autoleveller The rhombus fluted-shaped feed roller holds the feed matelastically to decrease the damage to the fibre the unique loading device is common used with the measuring device of the autoleveller Multi suvtion point on card,common suction pressure contiuous measuring

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